Academic Writing Webinars, Online Tutoring and Academy of Corporate Research Training – MahaSagar Publications™

Academic Writing Webinars, Online Tutoring and Academy of Corporate Research Training – MahaSagar Publications™

MahaSagar Publications™is a corporate aspiring to make research training affordable and accessible. We are based at Mumbai, India. We do not boast to have UK or USA qualified writers. All our writers are from India and we are proud to declare this fact. Our motto is not to write dissertations or research projects just for money. We write because research is our passion. We help UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Middle East, Africa, Europe, China and Asian Students in research writing.


Who we are and what we do?

MahaSagar Publications™ is a research consultancy firm which attempts to bring professors from colleges all over India on a single platform which is focused on knowledge sharing. We are in the process of establishing a professor forum where the faculty of leading business Schools gets an opportunity to enhance their research writing skills and sharpen their research organizing talent.

MBAProjectReport.Net is a specialized wing belonging to MahaSagar Publications™. The group has been into research and content solutions since year 2006 and is working leading Indian and international companies and universities.

Consulting team at MahaSagar Publications™ consists of PhD experts, MBA Professional, Engineers, Computing Programmers, Statisticians and Content writers handpicked by management to provide comprehensive and unmatched solutions and learning experience. Our state of the art collaborative platform surpasses the expectations of most of the clients. Through this platform, client share, provide feedback and remain at the top of their work 24 X 7.

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We offer the following services to our Clients

Academic Writing Services

In our writing services, we cover dissertations, thesis, coursework, assignments, research proposal, capstone projects, consultancy research projects, essays, research papers, term papers, Lab Report, Grant Proposal, Admission Essays, Personal Statement Development, Business School Case Studies Analysis, PowerPoint Presentations, Market Research, E-Books, Corporate Magazines, College Publications and Project Reports.

Research Services to Business, Law, Computer Science, Engineering Schools in India and Abroad

We conduct Seminar, Conference, Symposium and Workshop.  Student partners would not only be encouraged and supported in all possible ways to attend, participate, contribute at national and international workshop / seminar / symposium etc. but shall also generate avenues and opportunities to conduct such activities in their College, University itself, solely and or jointly with other renowned Business Schools, Law University and or Institutions. We help in College and University Publications by assisting in content writing.

Business Research Services to Corporate, Organizations and Educational Institutions in India and Abroad

We provide Corporate Training especially to bankers in India making them aware of various corporate finance topics including credit appraisal, loan disbursement, recovery procedures and human resource management. We provide assistance to small business entrepreneurs by writing market research reports. We assist equity markets by writing financial company performance analysis reports.

Online Tutoring Services to Students of International Baccalaureate and Homework Help in all subjects

We help IB World School Students in Essays, Coursework and Homework in subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Math, Statistics, Algebra, Geometry, etc.

Competitive Exams Preparation

We help students in India to prepare for their Bank P.O Exams, IAS, PCS, IIT JEE, AIEEE, AIPMT and CET.

Accountancy Professional Exams Preparation

We help CFA, ICWA, CS and CA Students in writing their exams and passing them in first attempt.

Solved Exam Papers and Study Notes

We provide solved Exam papers for the past five years and devise study notes that will help students to pass exams with higher grade.

ICSE/CBSE/ISC School Students Support Services

We help Class V to Class XII students in all subjects by online tutoring and homework help.

Publishing and Research Papers Writing Help in Peer-Reviewed Journals

In keeping with the general problems faced by researchers in getting their studies published we have dedicated an exclusive wing that deals with these issues and resolves the problems that crop up. The services include taking care of various facets and also ensure that the work would be published in an esteemed journal in near future. The charges are rather minimal considering the fame that the publication is about to bring to the researcher and these services are becoming exceedingly popular in recent past.

Webinars for Students and Research Scholars

Since almost everything under the sun is possible over the internet, so seminars held on the internet are also becoming popular and thus we have set up an exclusive wing to cater to webinars. The offerings are diverse and we have the required infrastructure to conduct proper webinars and that too at any part of the world. Webinars provide an effective mode to consult and discuss on various research related topics.

SPSS Statistics Help & Training Services for Dissertation Students & Researchers

We provide information related to using SPSS to analyze your dissertation data.  We also provide SPSS consultation services and help to those who have plans to use, or could benefit from using SPSS in their dissertations. 

Website Development and Search Engine Optimization

We provide tutorials and undertake Website Design and Development orders. We do SEO and have a separate website

Student Internship and Job Recruitment Services

We help students who are looking to do internship as part of their educational curriculum. We recruit graduated students as trainee in listed companies to add value to their resume and gain valuable experience.

PhD Admission, DBA Thesis Writing Help

We help PhD aspirants by assisting in application, writing their doctoral proposal, editing, proof-reading the thesis, dissertation and preparing the students for viva. We help in data analysis by providing support to students by teaching SAS, SPSS and other Statistical research analysis tools and software.

Research Library

We have a good Research Library containing about 12,00,000/- research papers, articles, white papers, thesis, dissertations and MBA Project Report. If your college does not a library, we will be of immense use to you.

Main Areas on Which We Focus are writing

We help in writing dissertations, thesis, research projects, coursework, assignments, research papers, proposal and essays to students of Business School, Law, Engineering, Computer Science, Medicine, Nursing, Programming Software, Criminology, Psychology, Religious Studies, Architecture, Music, Film Studies, Economics, Accounting, Education, Journalism and Statistics. To make the list short we write from A- Advertising to Z- Zoology. We got writers to write on any subject. Be rest assured, we mean by what we say.

Publishing Books, Reports, Ghost Writing, Script and Screenplay Writing

We publish Case Studies Collection, Solved Assignments, Exam Papers and Research Reports. We provide professional ghostwriting services, copy editing services, and custom writing for books, web text, articles, manuscripts, and more. We also provide help in Drama, Story, Film Script and Screenplay writing.

Content Writing for Corporate and Educational Institutions Website

We excel in providing quality content for corporate and Educational Institutions website. We know how to bring customer’s website on first page of Google by adopting White Hat SEO Techniques. We generate leads for schools, colleges, university and any corporate business through our content writing.

Careers with Us

We invite qualified professors all over the world to interact with us and if interested join our organization by providing tutorials to students and involved in our various research projects.

No Plagiarism 100% Guarantee

We just cannot end our profile without mentioning the fact that we write without plagiarism. We do not tolerate plagiarism nor do we support plagiarism.

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Contact : Mumbai, India.

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